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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to make Automated commissions ?

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احصائيات التنفيذ و اوامر التداول في منصات الفوركس

احصائيات التنفيذ

إن التنفيذ الفعّال للصفقات يعتمد على السعر، السرعة وتوفر السيولة.

نحن ندرك أن التنفيذ الفعّال عامل أساسي لكل متداول، ولذلك فإن هدفنا هو تحقيق شفافية تامة بالنسبة للتسعير والتنفيذ. إن الجدول المدرج أسفله يظهر بطاقة نتائج التنفيذ الشهرية الخاصة بمنصة FOREXTraderPRO، يمكنك كذلك الاطلاع تاريخ عمليات التنفيذ.

بطاقة التنفيذ خلال شهر أغسطس 2014

سرعة التنفيذ

نسبة الصفقات المنفّذة في أقل من ثانية

تمثل كافة أوامر السوق وأوامر التنفيذ الفوري

معدل سرعة تنفيذ الصفقة

فارق الوقت بين تلقّي الأمر و تنفيذه
سعر التنفيذ

نسبة تحسين سعر أوامر الحد

أوامر الحد المنفذة بسعر أفضل من السعر المطلوب

معدل التحسين السعري لكل أمر الحد

الفرق بين السعر المطلوب و سعر تنفيذ الأوامر الحد المحسّن
(للعملات فقط)

نسبة أوامر الحد المنفذة في السعر المطلوب أو السعر الأفضل منه

أوامر الحد المنفذة في الحد المطلوب أو أحسن
نسبة التنفيذ

نسبة الصفقات المنفّذة بنجاح

تضم أوامر السوق، الأوامر الفورية، أوامر الحد وأوامر حد الخسائر

تمثّل إحصائيات أداء التنفيذ أوامر نفّذت على منصات FOREXTrader والتي وردت خلال ساعات التداول بين 31/07/2014 في الساعة 17:00 بالتوقيت الشرقي و 31/08/2014 في الساعة 17:00 بالتوقيت الشرقي. تشمل منصات FOREXTrader من FOREX.com الكيان في المملكة المتحدة وجميع الفروع الدولية. لا تتضمن هذه الإحصائيات الصفقات التي تم تنفيذ أوامرها بطريقة غير معيارية، بالإضافة إلى الصفقات التي يتم تنفيذها عبر منصات MetaTrader.
قد تؤدي بعض العوامل مثل تقلبات الأسواق، حجم التداول وتوفّر الأنظمة إلى تأخير تنفيذ الصفقات. يمكن للأسعار أن تتغير في ظل تغيّر ظروف الأسواق، مما يؤدي إلى تنفيذ الصفقات بأسعار مختلفة عن الأسعار المعروضة. لا يمكن ضمان تحسين الأسعار ولا يمكن لهذا الأخير أن يتحقق في جميع الحالات.

كيفية حساب الأسعار التنافسية في مجال الفوركس

تسعير تنافسي وشفاف

تسعى FOREX.com إلى تقديم فروقات سعرية (سبريد) ضيقة وأسعار شفافة.

تتجلى سياستنا للتسعير في :
  • نشر الفروقات السعرية (السبريد) على موقعنا الإلكتروني
  • نشر الفروقات السعرية المتوقعة (typical spreads) شهريا
  • مقارنة أسعارنا مباشرة باستخدام GTIS
نضمن كذلك تحسين الأسعار في حال تحرُّك الأسواق في صالحك: تم تحسين 65% من أوامر الحد أوتوماتيكيا في 2011.
تسعير يتناسب مع كل الأساليب التداولية
نقدم فروقات سعرية (سبريد) متغيرة وشفافة في منصات FOREXTraderPRO و MetaTrader4
منصة MetaTrader
فروقات سعرية (سبريد) متغيرة وتنفيذ السوق أو التنفيذ الفوري
EUR/USD 1.7 نقطة
USD/JPY 1.3 نقطة
AUD/USD 1.4 نقطة
UK Oil 0.05 نقطة
اطلع على جدول التسعير الكامل
يمثل الجدول اعلاه الفروقات السعرية المتوقعة (Typical Spreads) لأغسطس 2014
منصة FOREXTraderPRO
سبريد ضيق ومتغير وتنفيذ السوق
EUR/USD 1.7 نقطة
USD/JPY 1.3 نقطة
EUR/GBP 1.2 نقطة
AUD/USD 1.4 نقطة
اطلع على جدول التسعير الكامل
يمثل الجدول أعلاه الفروقات السعرية المتوقعة (Typical Spreads) لأغسطس

منصات تداول فوركس متطورة جدا

تخولك منصاتنا التداولية مجموعة من الأدوات التي ستساعدك على تحديد فرص تداولية جديدة. كل هذه الأدوات متوفرة مجانا عند فتح حساب جديد.

Arrowالرجاء النقر للحصول
على معلومات إضافية

منصة FOREXTraderPROمنصة MetaTrader4
 الأدوات والتحليلات الأدوات والتحليلات

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Friday, November 25, 2011

PlexTrade.com - best new hyip

Dear Investors,
I thought I'd share something with you:
checkout this new HYIP with incredible plans that suits the short term and long term investor
PlexTrade Investment Plans
PlexTrade Intl is a financial corporation that does CFD trades for high profile clients and high rollers
in the investment arena. We rely on optimized to aggressive trading systems that result in 9 out of 10
trades to be profits, and we pass it on to our investors. The eponymous term Plex means "Mixing" or
"Many", because PlexTrade's core strength is mixing and bundling investments to minimize loss, optimize
trades, and maximize profits.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Creation of Affiliate Marketing Today Approach by Kate Gosselin

Thanks God you Learn you read you  communicate with Industry experts and now you have been an affiliate marketer for a short while you complete choosing a new product or developed it and now you are sitting putting the hands on the head thinking about the creation of an affiliate campaign to launch your brand Product in an effecient way >

the next little lines will bring you the way to achieve what you want a controlled , simple to handle and a cash back program

first of all when any body invent a service or product he must ask himself is there is a need for my product and is it suitable for an affiliate marketing program or Does Affiliation Marketing will be the sole way of advertisement for it
All are repeated and must to answer Questions

when were talking about 4 factors mastering the affiliate marketing campaign or games the 3rd important factor were your affiliates and the most important factor is to build a business relationship with everyone of them.

but what are the characteristics of any Human Relationship on the earth and relationships should be your top priority
 7 characters of good relations:

1. Both Partners understand the relationship as a chance to give

do not focus more on getting rather than giving.
This is the finding upon which the coming points below are cascaded.

2. Both partners are ready to change

3. Both partners are ready to confess mistakes

Instead of being defensive,

4. Both partners are ready  to listen The Other first

 good listeners understand their partner’s situation first

5. Both Partners support each other

  when we do good to others they will also do good to us.

6. Both Partners are open

Misunderstanding is one of the basic relationship problems.

7. Both Partners have integrity

So to build good relationship with your affiliates characters are listed above

but where I can get my affiliates and partners to build this good relationship so easy you can find them in
- your family members
- peers if you are a part timer marketer
- University and High School where are demands are much higher than our capabilities
- Rotary Clubs
- Arrange Meetings in Clubs and Charities
- Advertisements for Job Vacancies
- CVs
- Open Discussions in Public Transport Tools
- Forums on internet
- Websites Ads
- Adword Ads
- Website Banners and Pop Ups

I prefer to give big Prizes for Big winners when we come to how much you will give commissions to your affiliates so do not give so little for promotion of one product or inclusion of one customer but pay so much for 5-10 customers or Products sales

and you must have a tracking Affiliate Software which is available for Free and Paid by just Searching on Google to fight Fraud and many registerations for Same Person in Order to get Paid

Companies like Amazon as merchants but you have to link with Paypal or Alertpay to get your Payments and give your affiliates commissions

All Those were very important factors and steps that you have to take in consideration when going through An Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and it will be clearer as soon as we go through

A. Moftah

Launching Affiliates Marketing - Jennifer Anis…

Affiliate Marketing may be the secret of success of unlimited persons now but also it has many disadvantages let us learn together about many of other pioneer people mistakes and for my real surprise I found it usually repeated and common

Many people had been attracted  to affiliate marketing because it is always financially rewarding and you may be just staying at home.
so, many have rapidly engaged to get into the cycle without even knowing the mechanisms or trends and found themselves in the false direction .
They already realize that there is no absolute easy fortune in any industry and that it should be taken very serious for those who intend to have success in this business category.

Affiliates marketing is of course the best way to earn money through internet . This Internet based business contributes a revenue sharing between a merchant and affiliates, wherever the publisher or affiliates attains a commission through their affiliate campaigns .

The most important risk in affiliate marketing happens when marketers  are unaware of the facts.

There are those who involve themselves in great hopes that there is easy money in affiliates marketing system. They do not know that many people wasted efforts, time, and money in this campaigns and get nothing

Fault may be in forecasting  wrong steps that could prove their downfall.

so , affiliation system marketers should  understand how this business is going very early
identification of factors that drive success or failure, and make an action plan for every  step . This can be done through an online research or reading   blogs and, conversations with experienced marketers on forums.

It is crucial to study the markets and customers because there are differences between the ways of buying , selling and ads on the internet and others .

Affiliates must  understand search engines work  .

as expert affiliates declared that 90% of their revenue came from search engine results 
If a website is  optimized to for better search engine ranking, there will be maximum traffic on it that raises opportunity for sales and money.

Another major fault of affiliate marketers is banners and links that do not provide  information about the product or service.
so links or banners must have much work.
 to encourage every visitor to watch the link and purchase  .

users must have choices and alternatives on those websites not only one product 

Customers should be given enough options and capability of comparison.
also do not promote so many products

Factors or Tactics that may increase your rate of success are as follow

- dedicate a website or complete page for a product or same group of products although the high cost of hosting

- include testimonials from satisfied customers

- targeted Website traffic which can be increased by writing specific topics about your product and service and open comments for your visitors or users


Is it so Quick ?

Before you are included into any affiliate marketing business   you must  understand opportunities of excution.

  you need time to learn major information and to link it  together and be and master your advertising techniques before you achieve an ATM on request!

Only 4 % and or higher are real successful 

because only 4-6 % are doing it right That's only 4% to 6% that are actually doing well,  but when they do it , it is done

the Pioneers in the affiliate marketing believe the following:

#1. When it goes hard  the hard goes!
#2. It is done by others so you can do.
#3. They understand what is Time Management.
#4. They never look back they are always working  to improve capabilities.
#5. They understood the importance of study and learning.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

to be an Affiliate Marketer ? The Role in in Today Modern Advertisements

With the Evolution of internet and The Easiness of COMMUNICATION TOOLS in different aspects of life The Affiliate Marketing Tools had been continuously growing and to be an affiliate marketer is today a very attracting career for many people after 20 years of pioneers efforts in this field>

Affiliate Marketing in internet and world wide web sites is just a large portion of affiliation Marketing and many people are earning money and fortune day by day from recruiting people and friends to certain promotion websites   and as an simplified example websites or persons that their only job is to Drive visitors and Traffic to other websites pay for them Well But What Websites and What Campaigns depend mainly on Affiliation Marketing ?

- The Answer is so easy but so diversifying as you can use the affiliates Marketing to promote the following :-
Launch of new websites in any direction
Launch of an old websites after its renewal
Launch of Trading Websites Especially High Earning Websites Like FOREX for An Example
Websites Dedicated to launches of New Products from COCA COLA or PEPSI drink to a new TOYOTA Or Mercedes Cars
- WOMEN MATTERS from Clothes to FASHION to PERFUMES COSMETICS and MAKE UP are usually mixing Internet Affiliates Marketing with Many other affiliation marketing techniques depending on the Female Nature and special attitude and way and motives of buying

The Affiliation marketing techniques is changing and improving and day by day earning larger market share and new land as the international Web is increasing and personal touch or concern are increasing and with  heavy advertisement campaigns many people became more believers to friends or relatives experience and this is giving affiliate marketing new horizons to expand in

- and as a promotion and as a trend and as an expansion affiliation marketing compensation and Benefits are ranging from exrta discount /delayed payment  or Just extra free goods or samples  to be  a real income or fortune for many affiliate marketers and associates as many websites or companies can give you bucks for affiliates and a percentage of their activity within the website or company.

and as Affiliate Marketing start in the early forties last century and just after the 2nd world war and with the the evolution of new marketing concepts it starts to be a distinct industry after this by 40 years in the beautiful eighties with  companies like Avon in COSMETICS or even BOOK Stores which start to have branches in different locations in the world with major marketing concept of affiliates marketing and not through ordinary ways of selling

it is very abundant today and have a very growing future as it enters tourism and traveling and to be a member in a social or sports club and your membership for a sports club like GOLD GYM for Example may be free for 8 affiliates you bring for their branch anywhere or in a special cases I watch by myself in Lagoon Club Alexandria Egypt to a specialized websites like Amazon or wallmart

and as any marketing technique we have 4 major players or elements that affect affiliation marketing and number of affilites and product , service and website can gain which are

Affiliate network ( The network secures the agentss a place to Promote and also recruit new affiliates.) ,

The merchant ( Companies like   Amazon and they are the ones who sell their products )

The Affiliates. This is anyone who signs up under one of the merchants like   Amazon or any other website
The affiliates job is to attract traffic to these merchants websites

The fourth player in this marketing technique is the terminal or Final consumer.

Blogging , blogger and wordpress make it easy for affiliates marketing and for this industry to grow so much as all you have to abecome an affiliate and attract consumers to merchants is to have a free website and attract traffic through a good content or other means like traffic exchange websites and put your ads or merchants ads in between or all around your blog or websites

In conclusion, I hope this gives you a basic overview of who are the four players are in the affiliate marketing game, and how this business works and quick overview or introduction to affiliate marketing basics and techniques  and many other topics in details will be followed

A. Moftah
All Rights are reserved
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